Movie Review: Soul

Image From Disney Movies Summary Joe Gardner was a middle school band teacher, who finally got the permanent position as the music teacher, to the delight of his mother. However, his true dream was to play in a jazz band like his deceased father. Ironically, on the day that the jazz band leader accepted him… Continue reading Movie Review: Soul

Art Inspiration: Wishing Tree

If you could have Just one wish, What would it be? A billion dollars Or just plain healthy? —– Chocoviv Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</

Movie Review: Isn’t It Romantic?

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Natalie was an architect who hated PG-13 romantic comedies. Along with her low self-esteem prevented her from meeting her someone special. So despite her best friend telling her that her work buddy had a crush on her, she doubted it. One day, she was mugged at the subway station and… Continue reading Movie Review: Isn’t It Romantic?

Art Inspiration: Candlelight

Darkness covers Our eyes Our sight Seizes to be Trustworthy The gentle Flicker of The candlelight Can seek out And guide us Through it all. —–Chocoviv 😊 Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</

Book Review: A Rather Inconvenient Corpse

Image Courtesy of A. G. Barnett Summary This nine chapter short story was situated in 1920’s England. A man was found murdered at a hotel. Mysterious identity swaps clouded the case. The investigators had to go around talking with the card players which made the situation more complicated. Conclusion A lot of detail was written… Continue reading Book Review: A Rather Inconvenient Corpse

My Top Nine Of COVID-19 Year

Wow! What a year! It’s been a big adjustment for all of us this year! From the beginning of Covid-19 lockdowns, I was laid off from my job of 20 years and my other contract jobs too! It was very shocking and tough to handle at first. But, as time went by, I decided that… Continue reading My Top Nine Of COVID-19 Year

Netflix Movie: Full Out

Image Courtesy of IMDb After watching this movie for the fourth time, (thanks to my Tween), I believed it’s time to write a review for this brilliant movie. Even though it’s about gymnastics and hip hop dancing, the values and lessons behind this true story moved me each time. Summary Ariana was a fourteen competitive… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Full Out

The New Covid-19 Life Of Zoom

Just a couple of years ago, was when I just began to use this app named Zoom. It was quite new for me. So, when the Covid-19 lockdowns came about and my Minions had to go online for school, I had some idea what it was…. Suddenly, everything went to Zoom! School meetings, family gatherings,… Continue reading The New Covid-19 Life Of Zoom

Art Inspiration: Champagne Flutes

A new year Is coming, It’s time to Bring out the Champagne And the flutes To celebrate The beginning Of a great Decade to come! —-Chocoviv Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</ 😊

Netflix Series: The Unlisted

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary Dru and Kal were a set of twelve year old twins who lived in Australia with their parents, sister, grandmother and aunt. After forcing his twin brother to go to a sudden dental checkup, Dru noticed that most of the students would suddenly freeze up oddly. They would also develop… Continue reading Netflix Series: The Unlisted