Movie Review: The Two Popes

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary It has been over 700 years since a pope ever resigned from the Vatican Office. Pope Benedict XVI did in 2013 … Movie Review: The Two Popes Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: :</</Affiliate link:</

Movie Review: Last Christmas

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Kate was indifferent to everything or everyone. She despised her work, her family and her friends. She was once an energetic and vibrant young woman, but lost her zeal for life after her heart transplant the year before. Working as an helper elf at a Christmas-themed shop did little for… Continue reading Movie Review: Last Christmas

Movie Review: Noelle

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary In this version, Santa Claus had two children, Nick Kringle and daughter, Noelle. After the passing of their father, Nick was not ready to take on the duties of Santa Claus, so Noelle suggested that he take some time off…. When he didn’t return, Noelle admitted that it was on… Continue reading Movie Review: Noelle

11 Best Christmas Movies To Binge This Year

Christmas is right around the corner. Man, I feel like even with all the crazy happening, this year has flown by so fast! I can’t wait to spend some … 11 Best Christmas Movies To Binge This Year Check out Okay Mommy’s blog post and the amazing list of Christmas movies! Which one is your… Continue reading 11 Best Christmas Movies To Binge This Year

Movie Review: Push

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia In a not so future world, certain individuals had supernatural powers that the government was determined to control. These individual were monitored and trained by the government to serve. Those who were deemed too powerful were locked away and sedated. Themes 1) work together despite differences: Even though they might have… Continue reading Movie Review: Push

Netflix Movie: His House

Image Courtesy of Summary A couple from war torn Sudan finally achieved their refugee status and was given a house to live in. At first they were ecstatic, but soon they discovered that they are living with more than their dreams…. Image Courtesy Of Wikipedia Themes 1) discrimination: One scene that hit me hard… Continue reading Netflix Movie: His House

Movie Review: Joker

Recently, I read a critique about the newest version of “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. I was a bit hesitant about watching this movie after reading this critique. However, as I grew up watching the classic Batman TV series and then the cartoon series, I decided to watch it. I knew that it would… Continue reading Movie Review: Joker

Movie Review: Nerve

Photo courtesy of Summary In a world that was completely immersed in social media, cellphones and computers were part of the growth of the online game app, Nerve. When people logged online, they could choose either to be a Player or Watcher. Watchers got to choose which Player to watch and support. Players were… Continue reading Movie Review: Nerve