Movie Review: Find Your Voice

Image Courtesy Of Wikipedia Summary A class of delinquent and troublesome high school students were forced into joining the school’s chorus. They were the black sheep of the school and everyone looked down on them. In order to remain in the school and not get suspended, these students also had to compete in a singing… Continue reading Movie Review: Find Your Voice

Movie Review: Push

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia In a not so future world, certain individuals had supernatural powers that the government was determined to control. These individual were monitored and trained by the government to serve. Those who were deemed too powerful were locked away and sedated. Themes 1) work together despite differences: Even though they might have… Continue reading Movie Review: Push

Movie Review: Project Glutenberg

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Art and counterfeit American dollars… This movie featured two of my favourite Hong Kong movie stars, Aaron Kwok and Chow Yun Fat. Summary Lee Man was an artist, that was skilled in painting replicas of infamous paintings. His skill was so meticulous to the point of using scientific ways of making… Continue reading Movie Review: Project Glutenberg

Visiting Lamma Island With My Babies

In 2011, our family travelled back to Hong Kong to see family. It was the first time to travel for such a long time with a baby and preschooler. Many thought I was out of my mind! I travelled quite a few times on short trips, so I was prepared. One of the most famous… Continue reading Visiting Lamma Island With My Babies