Art Inspiration: You Are Not Alone

As we look into the sky Each glowing Ball of fire Appears to be A beam Of light From light years Away Far Far away. —- Chocoviv 😊 Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</</

Vendor Feature: Lash Lift From Brows By Robin

Imagine not using that eyelash curler for at least a month! That’s the convenience of a lash lift. Normally, my lashes would point downwards. So, even though they were long, I still needed to curl them each day. Lash lifts reminded me of a perm for the hair, but for lashes. The lift I received… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Lash Lift From Brows By Robin

Movie Review: The Women In Black

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary A young widowed father of a little boy was sent to deal with the paperwork of a recently deceased lady. His job was to handle the mansion that was left, Eel Marsh House. As he arrived at the desolate town, he could tell that some horrid secret was connected to… Continue reading Movie Review: The Women In Black

Art Inspiration: 22 From Soul

Is this world worth it? What makes anyone want to Stay on this earth? Isn’t hiding in the dark And never have to deal With the uncertainties Of the world A better idea? As I ponder on This dark thoughts, A small voice calls out….. Hope and love Will push you Towards a greater path.… Continue reading Art Inspiration: 22 From Soul

Art Inspiration: 2021 Resolution

2020 was the year That came quietly And ran through Our towns and cities Leaving a deadly Trail behind But united we are In heart and In spirit 2021 is the year We have hope! —- Chocoviv 😊 Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</

Netflix Movie: Full Out

Image Courtesy of IMDb After watching this movie for the fourth time, (thanks to my Tween), I believed it’s time to write a review for this brilliant movie. Even though it’s about gymnastics and hip hop dancing, the values and lessons behind this true story moved me each time. Summary Ariana was a fourteen competitive… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Full Out

Movie Review: Palm Springs

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Sarah was the older sister and maid of honour at her sister’s wedding. Nyles was the boyfriend of one of the bride’s guests. When Nyles stepped in and gave an amazing speech instead of the unprepared Sarah, they became acquainted. After spending the rest of the evening chatting, Nyle’s suddenly… Continue reading Movie Review: Palm Springs

Netflix Series: Alice In Borderland

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary Arisu was a stereotypical young man, who stayed in his bedroom playing video games. He was definitely not interested in working at a job like his brother. Although he was extremely intelligent, he had become the embarrassment of the family. One fabulous day, he met up with two of his… Continue reading Netflix Series: Alice In Borderland

My Fabfitfun Winter 2020 Box

This was the last box of the year! This time there were less beauty and skincare products compared to the previous ones. Vera Bradley Compact Organizer $50 Lucky Brand Solid Brushed Scarf $69.50 Kate Spade Workout Socks $24 epare Cutting Board $19.95 B-Low The Belt Croc Card Case $35 Laura Geller Cinnamon & Spice Eyeshadow… Continue reading My Fabfitfun Winter 2020 Box

Art Inspiration: Tucker, the Brave

No matter How difficult It was to Chew every meal, As my teeth Got hurt by strangers, Who fed me meat and cereal. When hope was all gone, And each day Appeared to Be my last, A light of hope Shone onto My furry back And a warm welcoming Hug filled my Empty heart With… Continue reading Art Inspiration: Tucker, the Brave