Vendor Feature: Gingerdog

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I love the spicy feeling ginger gives me. It warms me to the core! Thank you, Gingerdog for sharing these with me!

Who is Gingerdog?

Hi Vivian, here’s the answers to your questions. I’ve answered them all 🙂

1) Why and when did you start your business?

My husband has always been a big fan of ginger and was on the hunt for a ginger shot that packed a punch, but was unable to find one in the market. The available options were either too sour, too bitter, or simply not potent enough. That’s when I decided to experiment with creating my own ginger shot. After finding the perfect recipe, I knew that there were others out there who would appreciate it just as much as my husband did. In June 2022, I started selling my ginger shots at the Burnaby Farmers Market and was delighted to find that we…

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