Book Review: Pumpkin Spice And Pour-Overs

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Image Courtesy of Barnes & Noble


Leaving the big city to a small town for a job at a book store would seem a bit odd for many, but not to Becca. Her dream was to run the town’s bookstore and to put it online. The store had potential!

However, things went sideways once she discovered that she had to share a train ride with an annoyingly handsome gentleman. Then she discovered that he was after the same position! Afterwards, she missed the last train and needed a place to stay the night….. The stranger offered to share his suite out of convenience. Becca was suspicious, so he FaceTimed his own sister to convince Becca that he was not a criminal…? Why was he so nice to her?


This was such a sweet and sometimes steamy cozy novella. I really liked it as a quick read that warmed…

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