Vendor Feature: Hushd Creations

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I love the Grinch! The story ending makes me tear up with emotion…. Thank you, Hushd Creations for my new sweatshirt!

Who is Hushd Creations?

1) Why did you start your business?

Hushd Creations was created from a silent passion. It took a lifequake to ignite the fire that I needed to repurpose my focus. Working a 9-5, you don’t always get to fulfil your inner joy. I was figuring out how to loop all of my passions into something tangible that I could enjoy doing and share with others, seemed like it was taking years. Through a lot of self-realization, hard work and commitment, I was able to redirect my energy, find purpose and focus my passion into a business that I am now so proud to be able to share with all of you!

2) What was your background?

My background is actually in Science, but ever since…

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