Vendor Feature: Ipse Mandoo

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Dumplings are a staple in my kitchen. You can panfry, steam or boil them for a quick meal. Thank you, Ipse Mandoo for the invite!

Who is Ipse Mandoo?

1) Why did you start your business?

As a mother, I did not have time to take care of my two years old son when I operated a Japanese restaurant in Langley. Closing the business, I decided to do a small business which I could work according to my own schedule. While I owned a restaurant, I did not like the taste of factory made gyoza. So I developed my own recipes, which was first used for my first sales in the dumpling manufacturing business. Plus, I like to decorate things, which is the reason why I shaped leaf-shaped dumplings.

2) What was your background?

Before I operated two different Japanese restaurants, I worked as a cook from some Korean restaurants…

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