Vendor Feature: Spirits With Smoke

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These kits are great for making your own infused drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic too!

Who is Spirits With Smoke?

Here are some questions that you can choose to answer:

1) Why and when did you start your business?

Antonio and I are two best friends who started our business because of a great opportunity fueled by a love of whiskey and cocktails.

After working in the hospitality industry for a combined total of 20 years, we saw an opportunity to transform the ordinary cocktail by focusing on creating a complete sensory experience by adding Smoke. While helping a whiskey bar help develop its Old Fashioned program, we recognized that people didn’t just want to enjoy great smoked cocktails; they wanted to craft them at home too!

But now our goal has gone beyond just smoked cocktails. We want bartenders to enjoy various restaurant-quality cocktails at home, whether an Old…

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