Vendor Feature: Jujume

Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog 2.0

Thank you, Jujume for reaching out! I grew up with dates, so this was great for me to try out!

Who is Jujume?

1. Why and when did you start your business?

• The company was officially formed in summer 2019. After wrapping up a consultingproject, I took a break to recharge at my family’s jujube farm hours away in the Southern Mojave Desert,California. Being an Asian American, I knew about jujubes as a kid but I never took an interest in them assuming they tasted like medicine. However, in my older years, I was all ears on hearing its broad range of anti-aging and wellness benefits — AND they surprisingly tasted sweet & delicious! They send me off with a supply to last a few months and I start eating them regularly. By the time I was done with my supply I noticed a difference in my complexion, blood…

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