Vendor Feature: Humble Potato Chip

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I discovered this brand of potato chips and was fascinated by the compostable packaging! Naturally, these chips were delicious and organic too!

Who is Humble Potato Chips?

1) Why and when did you start your business?

We started Humble for two reasons and business opportunity we saw and to do our part in flighting climate change for the future of our children on this planet. Years ago, we realized that there were not any organic potato chips in Canada that were cooked light and crispy. We knew from our past, working at Canada’s largest salty snack company, that style of potato chips is the largest portion of the total potato chip category sales. It would be a great opportunity if we could launch an organic better for you product! But first, we had to solve for the Achilles heel of the packaged food industry – the plastic packaging! We quickly…

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