Vendor Feature: Rviita Energy Tea

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After the latest trade show, I brought home a collection of Rviita Energy Tea. I thoroughly enjoyed these energy teas!

Who is Rviita Energy Teas?

  1. Why and when did you start your business?After our founder Mitch witnessed his best friend suffer a heart attack attributed to chemical filled energy drinks (don’t worry, he’s okay now!), he decided someone had to solve this problem! Why are there no healthy, refreshing, clean pick-me-ups that leave you feeling great without the inevitable crash? Mitch couldn’t find one anywhere, so he decided to create one! After years experimenting in his kitchen, failing over and over again, Mitch teamed up with his business partners Rob and Karly in early 2019 to create the world’s first energy tea in a low carbon-footprint flexible beverage pouch!
  2. What was your background? Before starting Rviita, Mitch was a water sustainability engineer, Rob worked as a geophysicist and Karly worked…

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