Product Feature: Lavenderland Hydrosol

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I love lavender! So when I got to try this GROSSO LAVENDER HYDROSOL, I was excited!

What is Lavender Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are the flower waters that are produced when distilling the lavender flowers.

There are different varieties of Lavender in Lavenderland. The three main categories in terms of our raw material products: Superblue, Grosso and Melissa. Each has different aromas, characteristics and benefits.

Check out more information about varieties of Lavender

LavenderlandHydrosols are directly sealed in the food-grade pail or canned after distillation. 100% pure raw materials. Use as soon as possible after opening the bottle.

Benefits of Lavender Hydrosol

1)Skin moisturizer

2)Pore and Skin Cleanser

3) Reduce skin sensitivity

4)Relaxing and soothing to senses

How to Use

1)For skin canbe used alone with water

2)Hair treatment: Spray onto scalp and hair after the washing of hair helps to increase moisture and texture of the hair follicles, reduce the…

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