Vendor Feature: Gram Cafe & Pancakes

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The Gram Cafe & Pancakes had a soft opening and I was invited to try some of their menu items! Thank you for the invite!

Items that I tried:

1) Bacon and Hollandaise Egg with Pancakes

2) Salmon and Avocado with Pancakes

3) Tea Cream Pearls (Pearls and Earl Grey


4) Japanese Roasted Milk Tea with Pearls

5) Brown Sugar Pearls with Milk

Who is Gram Cafe?

“In 2014 gram® was founded in Osaka and our popular Premium Pancake quickly became a huge hit with our customers. Now we are ready to launch in Canada!

The brand concept of gram® is to create stores that can give customers “joy” and “emotion“ to bring a unique and enjoyable experience for our guests.”—— Gram Cafe’s website

My Thoughts

The space was spacious and great service. One of the features of the pancakes was their airiness and fluffiness. There was not…

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