Vendor Feature: Wai Spa

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Lucky me! This was the first time that I experienced Korean-style VIP facial that uses the Kyung Rak massage technique. It was a deep tissue massage that tended to be heavier in pressure to help with lymphatic drainage and even form the V-Shape jaw line.

Who is Wai Spa?

1) Why and when did you start the business?

Personally, I really liked the massages, and when I visited other spas, I didn’t like the skills or the hygiene of the facilities, so I decided to open it myself in 2011.

2) What was your background?

My major was Accounting+Marketing. I immigrated to Canada 12 years ago, started as Canadian realtor for 10 years (no more), spa owner 10 years and teaching golf 9 years.

3) What is unique about your business?

Products are mostly using Italian RosaActive, which is mild and organic, and Wai Spa is much more focused on…

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