Vendor Feature: Vitex Nutrition

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This past Christmas, I won these nutritional supplements from Vitex Nutrition.

Who is Vitex Nutrition?

1) When did you start this business?

We started our business about 10 years ago (July 2011) under the direction of our founder, Barrie Carlsen, a former professional nutritionist who has a great history and was one of the first leaders in the Canadian vitamin industry. His background can be read here:

2) Interesting facts about your products?

One of the most proud facts about our company is Vitex represents the very highest standard of nutritional supplementation. The Vitex formulas are based on published studies in Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals, and are manufactured to the very highest standards of manufacturing expertise. Each Vitex product represents more than 35 years of practical experience in producing “state-of-the-art” products.

One other thing that makes us proud of is our bottles are PETE, which is environment-friendly, and…

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