Vendor Feature: Jelly Roll Designs

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Through a giveaway, I was gifted these lovely items by Jelly Roll Designs!

Who Is Jelly Roll Designs?

1) When and why did you begin your business?

I’ve always loved drawing and actually started out doing tshirt and tote bags using heat transfer vinyl, and now I mainly do pins! Jellyrolldesigns started as a duo artist account, but is now mainly solo handled by me (Rosa), I started the business officially in 2020!

2) What is your background?

I took a couple of art classes here and there, but have always been interested in crafts and textiles. Besides using HTV, my first craft market showcased polymer clay creations.

3) What is interesting about your products?

I like cute things and animals, so most my products revolve around them. I mainly design things based on what I would like, rather than what’s currently popular or trendy.

5) Anything else that you…

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