Vendor Feature: The Alfajor Co.

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Some cookies for Christmas? Yes, please! I met this wonderful cookie company at a local artisan market.

Who Is The Alfajor Company?

1) Why and when did you start this company?

The Alfajor Company was established as a licensed homemade business in December 2020 here in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had managed and co-owned a pastry shop, where we sold these cookies before. I had a vision that, maybe later in life, I could sell them from a commissary kitchen to other cafes and establishments. I had done a bit of forecasting to see if this idea could be realised, since more and more small coffee shops were closing, at the peak of Covid19. That was when the idea for a different approach to the business was born, and I launched my virtual alfajor bakery.

2) What was your background?

I am Bolivian-born, eating these special cookies after my mom…

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