Movie Review: Anita

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Anita Mui grew up with her older sister, as child singers. Singing was not an ideal career goal for a young girl in the 1970’s Hong Kong. However, she loved to sing and was extremely inspired by her seniors on the stage. As a child, she memorized Japanese songs as she was impressed by how those songs helped famous singers to become more successful. The more languages one knew, the popular one could become….

One day, Hong Kong’s most famous television station was looking for potential singers to compete on their first singing contest. Anita and her sister was invited to join! Unfortunately, her sister didn’t make it to the preliminaries. Ultimately. Anita won the competition!

While her career was flying high, her personal life was not that smooth. Relationships were frowned upon and it was heart breaking. So, she turned her energy towards her career. She took risks…

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