Roadside Spicy Hotpot

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Who Is Roadside Spicy Hotpot?

1.Why and when did you begin this business?

We opened one and a half years ago during the pandemic time. People sold these kinds of skewers hotpot at the streets around 1970 to late 1980s in Sichuan, ChengDu, China. We hoped to bring back the memories for some customers and share an unique hotpot experience for local customers. We designed different kinds of pictures and ambiance, reminding guests of the past, sitting in the streets to eat. We believed that our authentic taste and aroma could transport people to China without physically travelling during this difficult time.

2. What was your background?

We founded in ChengDu Sichuan China the city of Mala Spicy Hotpot. There were over 800 branches in China so far.

3. Interesting facts about your product?

Sesame oil dish was not spicy and I liked it the most.

We are selling $0.50…

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