Vendor Feature: Laura van der Linde Pottery

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I love ceramic pieces. I love how the glaze shines in the light. I am very fortunate to meet a wonderful artisan who makes ceramics pieces and teaches classes too!

Who Is Laura van der Linde Pottery?

1) Why and when did you start your business?

I have always been pretty much self employed except for a couple months here and there. I learned very early on that working hard for somebody else and having a boss wasn’t my thing. Being self employed and wearing all the different job hats is a challenge, can’t do everything well but I can work as hard, long and with whom I choose.

2) What is your background?

I’ve been working with clay for over 38 years.
I touched clay at an early age, I think I was about 11. I went to a pottery after school program and fell in love with it…

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