Vendor Feature: Canffle Premium Waffle House

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I received a gift certificate to this cool new waffle restaurant and I wanted to try it!

Who Is Canffle?

1) When and why did Canffle open?

We opened on August 16th, 2021, delayed due to Covid.

2) What was your background?

The owner used to run restaurants in Coquitlam and he wanted to try a new business.
Our main chef graduated from culinary school in Australia and used to run a brunch cafe in Australia. So our brunch menus are inspired by Australian brunch-style.
Our manager used to work a a barista in Australia as well.

3) Interesting facts about your product?

Our signature item are waffles. They are made in the house freshly in the morning, and so many choices of foods.

Also one of the main thing is we make canned drinks.

Image Courtesy of Canffle

We have a can sealing machine so any drinks can be…

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