Movie Review: Birds Of Prey

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Image Courtesy of IMDb


So Joker and Harlequin broke up…. However, nobody knew, so enemies of Joker still referred her as Joker’s girl. That gave her immunity and she could “do whatever to whoever”! There was no closure and she was trying to find meaning to her criminal lifestyle.

On the other side, a female detective was doing an excellent job of cracking cases. However, her male partner took all the credit and became her superior. He was constantly trying to keep her under him and her current partner wasn’t very bright either. She also was trying to find meaning in her professional life.

Suddenly, night club singer became a driver for an evil kingpin after he saw her save Harlequin. This same night club singer befriended a young pickpocket, who ran off with the kingpin’s priceless diamond…..

Now, how did these ladies combine forces to fight for what…

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