Vendor Feature: 5 Star Photo Booth

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Thank you 5 Star Photo Booth for adding so much fun to our previous event!

1) Why and when did you start your business?

I started 5 Star with my brother in fall of 2018 because I wanted to do something fun and involving people – something different from my lifelong work/career in I.T. as Software Developer.

After being layed off from corporate downsizing in late 2017, I did some traveling and was thinking about what to do for work. During a round of golf with my brother Allan, he asked me if I wanted to do a photo booth business with him. I was looking for something different from my background of I.T./ Software Developer – something fun and more people-focused. Guests smiling for photobooth pictures at events where everyone’s in a great mood and celebrating something, fit that bill. So 5 Star was started in Sept 2018.


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