Movie Review: He’s All That

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Padgett was a popular online influencer who was pretending to lead a perfect life with a rich life and boyfriend. Then, she discovered him cheating on her and was exposed “live”, she threw a tantrum and the whole world laughed at her. Her popularity plummeted. As she was desperate to save her college funds from sponsors, she agreed to a bet by her friend to be prom Queen with a new potential prom King. She had to choose an unpopular guy in the school and give him a makeover…..


This was a remake of the 1999 movie She’s All That. Fun fact: The mom in this movie was the original female character who got the Makeover in the original movie.

Having real-life influencer Addison-Rae as the main role definitely could attract the younger crowds. I still enjoyed it as a romantic comedy.

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