Dad’s Birthday Dinner

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It’s my dad’s birthday again! Time to eat out! It’s been another covid-year, so it’s great that we could dine in at the restaurants again.

There were only a few tables so we really socially distanced ourselves. My mom had already prepared a list of dishes for the server, so I didn’t have to make any suggestions.

Being the little child that I was, I loved snacking on the shrimp chips! One thing I forgot to take a photo was the plate of sweet lotus buns that they made for my dad’s birthday.

Image Courtesy of Whattocooktoday

“A Soft fluffy basic steamed bun is shaped into a peach shape and can be filled with a sweet filling of your choice is popular in the Chinese culture to represent longevity.” —— Whattocooktoday

The filling they used was sweet lotus seed paste that I liked more than the red bean paste of…

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