Movie Review: Man In Love

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A debt collector,for the local gang, with a kind and generous heart met his ideal girl. He had to collect a huge debt from her bed-ridden father. So, she signed a form that required her to pay back a certain amount at a certain time. Therefore, the debt collector began to follow her around to suggest ways for her to pay back faster.

Finally, he suggested that she go on dinner dates on him. Each time she did, he would colour in a slot on his chart. The goal was to fill in the whole chart and her debt would be cleared.

She was very repulsed by his gangster behaviour and did not want to have anything to do with him, at first…. Then, her father passed away….He walked in and prepared the funeral for her….


The story began beautifully highlighting how warm and…

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Man In Love

  1. Hope all is well you Chocoviv

    If you have not seen Fatherhood with Kevin Hart highly recommend it

    Its stick to your rib warm family movie shows the moments of joy and struggle being a single parent shows that nothing is for certain or given and at any moment your cards can change.

    There is no crystal ball to knowing what do being a parent

    This is my latest Segment



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      1. Need to watch Sweet Girl as well and The Little Things

        Denzel is absolutely brilliant in it

        Shows that it is always the little things you don’t see coming that will wreck you , corrupt you or get you killed.

        Nothing is certain and to many you see and focus what is in front you …however this can create a stigmatized of failing to identify opposing threats …the black ice affect

        If you have not seen them MUST


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