Book Review: Alex Rider (Stormbreaker)

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Alex was a 14 year old orphan living with his banker uncle Ian Rider. Then one day, Ian was in a car accident and he was left with his caretaker. However, Alex didn’t believe that his uncle would forget to wear a seatbelt and he began to investigate by himself… He discovered many bullet holes on the car, he knew that he was right! When Ian’s boss appeared and confronted Alex about his investigation, he was forced to join the secret service, MI6.

Alex was very suitable as an agent since he was very skilled in many fields, sent to infiltrate a billionaire’s company. This billionaire was going to donate a large amount of computers that contained a program called Stormbreaker…..


To force a teenager to be a spy seemed quite irresponsible and a bit ridiculous at first…. However, considering this was a series…

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