Review: Tale Of The Nine-tailed

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A 1000 year old nine-tail fox (supernatural creature), Lee Yeon, who worked in the present day to deal with evil entities. He used to be a mountain spirit, but gave up his post in exchange for the reincarnation of his lover, Ah-Yeum. She was killed by him as a powerful evil dragon or snake creature tried to take over Lee Yeon’s body. For centuries, he searched for her reincarnation…..

During one battle against an evil fox creature, Lee Yeon was seen by Ji-Ah, a reporter. She was determined to find out more… The twist, she looked like Ah-Yuem, his lover….was she?


I was a bit worried that there would be too many romantic scenes at first. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the hilarious dialogue between the two main characters, from the teasing to the flirting. The supporting characters around them were quite interesting…

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