Book Review: Cara The Beginning (Cornelius Saga #9)

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Cara, had inherited the gift or the gene just like Matilda, from many years ago. This gene was like a curse that she thought was a blessing at times. In 1894, she was burned at the stake by the townsfolk of Newport.

She had ran away with her lover, Stephen, from her home as her secret was going to be exposed. Matilda could move things with her mind…. She was able to make a rattle snake strangle itself to save her sisters….. Their mother had to hid its body to avoid discovery…

Fortunately, Matilda and Stephen found a new home and some great neighbours too. It was a family with three children. Everything was fine until the stepfather questioned their backgrounds and past…. She also noticed there was something odd about him….


The witch trials and its horrendous past was the focus of this…

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