Photo Of The Day: Kale From The Garden

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This lone kale plant in my garden survived through our cold and snowy winter. Originally, I had four seeds in the small patch of soil. The kale was for my bearded dragon. It was his daily vegetable to eat.

Honestly, I didn’t expect any of the plants to survive through the winter. So, I called this one a miracle.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Kale From The Garden

  1. I had never eaten Kale until I had a kale salad at a wedding I attended. Now I make that salad all the time. It’s a healthy green but bitter so for me I need to add some sweetness like dried cramberries, or strawberries and nuts and several other things to make it eatable for me. Glad yours made it through the winter.

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    1. Kale is amazing. Kale chips and kale curry are among our favorite uses for it. And kale loves it cold. In fact, frosts add to its flavour. One of our favorite things to grow in the veg garden.

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