Book Review: The Bug Job

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Image Courtesy of Farrago Books


Carl was ready to retire from the unit after 26 years in the special unit 351. Just as he was planning his tropical destination, his boss handed him just one last assignment. His assignment was to take out Professor Quigley, who was the Head of the Department of Entomology at a local university. Most importantly, he was a consultant for the Department of Defense, researching how to weaponize dangerous insects. Intel was leaked about how he wanted sell his research to the highest bidder. So, he needed to be take care of… through a work-related accident with insects…..

In order to be successful, Carl contacted Salvatore or “Skinny” the bug specialist, who used his time in jail to achieve an education about entomology. He was pointed out to be the perfect candidate to help Carl to complete this mission. Interestingly enough, Skinny worked at…

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