Netflix Series: Shadow And Bone

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Alina was an orphan, who grew up in an orphanage with her best friend, Mal. On the day that they were to be tested to see if they had special powers as Grishas, was worried that she was one. She used a self injury trick, so she was guaranteed to stay with Mal as a regular mortal.

As young adults, both served in an army to help find ways to conquer through the Fold. This dark and dangerous fold contained Volcra, the monstrous creatures. According to the legend, the Dark Heretic was an extremely powerful Grisha, who created the Fold when he became power hungry and wanted to destroy his enemies.

One day, when they were attacked by the Volcra as they were travelling through the Fold, a creature was attacking Mal and as another grabbed her, an enormous beam of light blasted around her body. This beam destroyed…

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6 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Shadow And Bone

  1. I’ll have to try watching this show again. I started the first episode but then had to do something. But I do like fantasy series . I’m currently watching His Dark Materials on HBO. It’s adaption of the Golden Compass , Amber Spyglass and Subtle Knife books.


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