Reblog Feature: If I could relive one day it would be…

Today I thought of doing something completely different. I’m curious to know which day you would relive in your life. In the comment section below, ……

Reblog Feature: If I could relive one day it would be…

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12 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: If I could relive one day it would be…

  1. There are so many special days I would love to relive, but I’ll take a day with my precious mother. Any day would be fine. I miss her so and she’s been gone so very long.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥


  2. Interesting question. I think I would want to relive just an ordinary day in my married life where nothing in particular happened but we spent the day together harmoniously. The best days are sometimes the least spectacular!

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  3. the day I got married…we were too young and as a result we had many hurtful years that cannot be lived over. I loved him then as only a very young 17 year old could but I wish we had waiting, both finished school, lived a few years on our own, learned more about ourselves. we have been married in Oct. 57 years which is a feat in itself because of being so immature when we got married. we both had loads of bad baggage we carried into our marriage due to dysfunctional homes. It’s taken me years to unload most of it but the baggage between him and I may never get unloaded. As my mother use to say, too much water has went under the bridge. I don’t regret marry him, just regret being so young mentally. I got saved at 35 and started on a journey of healing and know I will be healing till the day I go home to the Lord. God has taught me how to appreciate even myself and all that I have endured. Only He can make up for what the insect have eaten. Great questions…as I think about it gratefulness filled my heart for without struggles and suffering I would not have grown in my understand of God and His love for me. Blessings. Sorry, such a long reply but you tapped into a well of memories with your question.

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    1. This is such a beautiful reply! Marriage is a like a treacherous quest where both sides each have their own troubles and tests while dealing with the other person. I entered marriage with complete preparation for splitting in the future. I do not have high hopes for it. I can only account for what I can do and I believe it freedom and kindness. Unfortunately, being kind and lenient can mislead others think that I am weak and take advantage of me. Hence after almost 20 years together, my partner still has a long way to go as I have really learned to heal myself during this covid lockdown. I believe turning 40 was a sign I am done being taken advantage of!

      Thank you for sharing such a private memory with me! This deserves a blog post!


      1. I had a last minute emergency csection the first time and VBAC the second time with (nothing) so I completely remember the agony. But, watching them grow up as great human beings was an amazing process!

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      2. Actually I was an emergency csection baby myself so I was prepared as I talk to my mom a lot to prepare myself since I was a kid. I chose to have that instead of forceps taking the baby out. Sacrifice myself instead of clamping my little one was the reason:) so I was prepared mentally. Natural birth I was surprised that I didn’t use anything except for a little laughing gas….

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