Netflix Series: The Sinner (Season One)

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6 thoughts on “Netflix Series: The Sinner (Season One)

  1. Sinner Jessica Beal is amazing she is so captivating and cerebral in her twisted assault on her visions.

    Sinner has everything you want in psychological mind bender have not seen the 3rd season but to understand it you need to see the story from the beginning or you will be lost.

    MUST WATCH!!!!

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      1. How did you like it ? Was there cliff hangers for you ?

        Black ice affects things you did not see coming

        Bill Pullman was brilliant in it as lead Detective his wife on the other hand was hot n cold nothing good would come from him trying to stay with her.

        Oh BTW if you haven’t already need to check out Clarice ” Its absolute psychological mind bender Chocoviv

        Since your enjoying Sinner you should also watch Cardinal and Night Stalker

        And movie was Night Hunter!!!!! MUST WATCH!!!




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