Movie Review: Find Your Voice

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A class of delinquent and troublesome high school students were forced into joining the school’s chorus. They were the black sheep of the school and everyone looked down on them. In order to remain in the school and not get suspended, these students also had to compete in a singing chorus competition. No one believes that they could even reach the qualifying round. Everyone except the new choir teacher, who happened to be an infamous conductor who suddenly reappeared after disappearing for a long time.


This movie had many of Hong Kong’s famous musical personas as part of the cast. There were singers, and composers alike. The point of using music as a bridge and as a healing tool for people was the key. It was a feel good movie that I would actually watch with the family.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Find Your Voice

  1. I really like Hong Kong movies. They are entertaining with many beautiful actresses, especially these old Hong Kong movies. Andy Lau is an outstanding actor for sure, but I haven’t seen this one yet. Thanks for sharing!

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