Fairytales Failed Me, Or Did It?

Like many little girls out there, I grew up with the notion to have a handsome prince to save and whisk me away. No matter how unattractive or low I felt, I was able to shut out the outside world and immersed myself in my imagination. However, in reality, I knew that this was not going to happen. Life was a cruel joke!

Therefore, as an adolescent, I was able to take up the courage and express my feelings to my crushes. I believed that life was meant to be taken by the horns and guided towards my goal. Life was short! If I didn’t take some risks, I would regret.

Fairytales were still all lies in my eyes, but I was very glad I got to be a bit pampered for quite a few years.

Then, adulthood happened.

Practicality was foremost in my mind. I was thinking like my mother when she was going. We both thought that as long as we poured our hearts into the care of the family, was enough for our hearts. We didn’t want to expect any special treatments or expressions of frivolous acts….. Just be practical…..

Image Courtesy of Pinterest
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
Image Courtesy of Epicreads

Ultimately, this became the most disappointing point of our lives. We recalled that how innately we both still yearned for those little knightly gestures. So, after years of disappointment, we both decided that we needed to fight our own dragons together. Occasionally, we would still voice out how it would be nice if things were different.

Nowadays, we continued to lean against each other for support. This would be more rewarding and appreciated for both of us. It took a long time for her to understand that self-love was not selfish. Also, we needed to actually take a stand and be firm about our needs, which could be difficult for us, as we were conditioned to ignore our own needs for the sake of others.

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20 thoughts on “Fairytales Failed Me, Or Did It?

  1. Interesting post. I definitely had feeling of being lied to with some fairy tales especially when reaching adulthood (don’t even get me started on how Disney lied to me). Reality isn’t like in these stories. It’s also a shame that I was called selfish for doing my best to care for myself even with my low self-esteem.

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      1. Thanks for relating. As I got older, I realized life didn’t work that way (not just the lack of magic in reality obviously), some unfortunate implications in these stories, or how some of them were plagiarized.

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  2. Great post! I also had this notion that I needed a Prince Charming to rescue me when I was younger, but having a partner who is your best friend is the best thing ever.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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  3. I think when we focus on the first part of the fairy tail we will be disappointed but forcing on the last part of the fairy tail gives hope and inspires, the dragons can be beaten. Really to just admit there are dragons in a fairy tail mindset is half the battle. For me knowing the King in the fairy tail is all I need. He gives me courage to fight the dragon for He has won the battle already. Of course I am taking about Jesus. For often times we tend to read the bible like a fairy tail and take it out of context as if He is like a fairy tail. Facing reality helps us fight the battles better. Good post.

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  4. I loved reading since I was little and never really believed all the fairytale stuff. Maybe because I wad raised by a strong, single mother. I still enjoyed reading them though. I made sure my daughter knew it was make believe and she had to be self sufficient. Great post Chocoviv.

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  5. I really like that there are more authors and filmmakers taking fairy tales in new directions where women can help each other rather than either being rivals or waiting years for a prince to show up. There are a few traditional fairy tales where the princesses succeed through effort, like Donkeyskin, but they didn’t get Disney movies.

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