Movie Review: The Rhythm Section

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Stephanie’s family died on a plane crash three years ago. There was no reason to live and she just let herself fall into the stereotypical spiral of drugs and prostitution. This all came to a halt when she discovered that the death of her family was the result of a terrorist bombing. Due to politics, no arrests were made even though the police had suspects. She decided to go after them herself, when a former CIA operative was willing to train her in the art of being an assassin.

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The fact that the producers were the same ones from James Bond series caused viewers to expect a female James Bond-type of movie. Therefore, the slow beginnings of the movie would seem boring and slow. However, this film was meant to be slow in comparison to the extreme fast pace that followed. As you watched Stephanie’s transformation from a drug addict to a fearless assassin, time flew by. This was no James Bond film. It was a film about how a woman would go at any lengths to reach her targets.

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