Vendor Feature: Sewly Yours

Thank you, Sewly Yours for sending these lovely items!

Story of Sewly Yours

From a 24/7 workaholic to being a first-time mom and later a stay-at-home mom, my life has been replaced with countless diapers, baby food, daily episodes of catching a 10-second-bathroom-break-before-your-toddler-asks-if-you-were-done-for-the-5th-time. As rewarding as it is, it’s a completely new and different experience that I had never imagined, but I didn’t stop there.

In 2020, a trying year for all globally, I challenged myself and brought Sewly Yours to life. I became a mom to a toddler during the day and a sewing manic at night. Raising Sewly Yours from its infancy until now has been a blessing in disguise — it has unleashed my passion in sewing which I didn’t know I have. In fact, I never used to sew prior to COVID-19, not even by hand. It’s given me an opportunity to connect with others and to instil life, love, patience and creativity to a simple piece of fabric and then watch it transform and shine.

My business motto has always been “practicality”. I am constantly searching for ideas to make products that are practical, essential and environmentally friendly. Being a perfectionist, I also value product control to ensure my products are long lasting.

I am extremely thankful for my husband’s and all of my customers’ support especially during those late 3 a.m. sewing nights. I am and will forever be grateful for them as well as the births of my “two”babies.

Image Courtesy of Sewly Yours
Image Courtesy of Sewly Yours

Image Courtesy of Sewly Yours

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