DIY Body Scrub And Face Mask

I was invited to a do-it-yourself beauty product workshop. I made a body scrub and a face mask! She was gracious to let me add some of her essential oils to super-boost my creations.

Sugar Body Scrub:

Beauty Facial Mask:

This little tablet will expand to a face sheet mask. Single use only.

This was a fun work shop! Have you ever tried making your own beauty products?


I am grateful for this opportunity to make lovely items! If you have any questions about any of the oils, click here. My friend can gladly answer them! I don’t receive any additional benefits with this link.

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15 thoughts on “DIY Body Scrub And Face Mask

      1. Definitely.. just have to buy the products to make it. One that I make very often because is SOoO easy is brown sugar and honey👌🏾

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