Business Feature: Kids Photography Academy

Image Courtesy of KPA

Even though I am adult, I still am able to pick up some tips about photography from this youth-oriented photography course called “30 
PHOTO CHALLENGES FOR KIDS”. This course was created by Janet Pliszka. Besides the tips and tricks of the trade, there was a community board where young people could share their creations and stayed connected. A great idea for many homeschoolers out there!

Image Courtesy of KPA

Who Is Janet Pliszka?

Calgary, Alberta

I’m a mom, storyteller, and professional photographer for over 15 years.

I’ve always loved watching kids get curious about my camera, and so I’ve enjoyed teaching photography through camps and in schools for a number of years. Now, I’m thrilled to be offering highly accessible and ongoing online experiences for kids everywhere.

I believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than real life. And that photography helps us express ourselves in a way that words just can’t. I’m nuts about sparking passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids by teaching them this craft that I love so much.

The Academy

There are two types of course: virtual interactive course (Learn photography along with a fun & experienced KPA instructor “face-to-face”) and on demand self-directed courses (start immediately according to your choice). With titles like “Rock Your Camera” and “Beyond The Selfie”, these course would be perfect for sparking some creative juices!

Attention Parents!

January 2021 Challenge is currently free of charge!

Click here to join in the fun for the little ones!

Also, use my 20% discount code: CHOCOVIV that is valid till January 30, 2021 on any of the courses here.

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