Movie Review: Up

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The helium balloon seller, Carl Fredrickson was ordered to move out of his house and into a care home. He was living alone in the home ever since his wife and childhood love, Ellie, passed away. He refused to leave his home, even as skyscrapers towered around his tiny home.

As he was prepared to float his home away with his balloons to ultimate destination of Ellie’s dreams, he discovered that an enthusiastic Wilderness Explorer, Russell, had ended up on his porch as the house began to float away…and a stowaway dog too?!


This movie really touched on a lot of delicate and emotional aspects of a relationship. From childhood sweethearts, to dating, to marriage and onwards, each part tugged as my emotions.

The relationship between Carl and Russell also reflected on how each generation was able to help each other to grow. It reminded me of the relationship I had with my grandparents.

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