Movie Review: Soul

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Joe Gardner was a middle school band teacher, who finally got the permanent position as the music teacher, to the delight of his mother. However, his true dream was to play in a jazz band like his deceased father. Ironically, on the day that the jazz band leader accepted him to play with her that night, he fell down an open manhole.

As it was all too sudden for Joe, he refused to accept that he had died. He was determined to find a way out and not go to the Great Beyond. After reluctantly forced into being a mentor to a sarcastic new soul, 22, he made a deal with 22. He would help 22 to get her badge to go to Earth, but go in her place. She was not interested at all in going to Earth.

Seemed like a perfect plan….


For older children, this movie dug deep into the meaning of life and purpose. Too many children were forced to walk paths that were paved in front of them by society. So, when they veered off the set path, they were considered failures in life.

As this movie centred around the theme of death, younger children may need extra guidance.

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