Book Review: Alter Ego

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A single mother who had divorced her clinically depressed ex husband, was in search of better partner for herself and her son. Going online was the only thing she had the courage to do. One gentleman, Mal, was her type, but when things didn’t continue, she fell in love with Adrian.

After awhile, her world began to fall apart and she met up with Mal again. She thought things will change for the better…..Suddenly, she was arrested for the attempted murder of Mal!


At first, I found the long, descriptive and seemingly mundane relationships a bit overwhelming. I was looking forward to the crime solving part of the story. So, when her relationships turned south, I got hooked.

Actually, many of the clues were hidden in her relationships that were connected to the real murderer. I couldn’t guess who it was, so I had to keep reading!

Note: Sexual assault and verbal abuse was in parts of the story.

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