Christmas Eve Covid Edition

No big Christmas gatherings this year! No more work dinners or rushing to different meet ups meant less stress and anxiety for many of us.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we could only stay with our own family for the celebration. However, that didn’t mean we weren’t going to have a special dinner.

Christmas Lights

This year, I noticed that there were less decorated houses than previous years. But, that didn’t stop us from driving around in search of some nice ones.

How did you spend this COVID-19 Christmas Eve?

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20 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Covid Edition

  1. I’m so glad you made Christmas Eve special anyway! I didn’t do anything special for Christmas Eve this year, but my husband and I are going to eat a Christmas dinner with my in-laws this evening. That’s still legal as per the COVID restrictions here in the Netherlands. Merry Christmas to you!

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  2. Merry Christmas and I agree, we need to make it as special as we can. I found more houses had lights up around here, which was wonderful. At 6:00, everyone went out and rang bells on their porches. Even the churches rang theirs, so that was kind of neat. Otherwise, wrapped gifts and stuffed stockings. Because I live alone, I can have one family over, so my son and his family will be here today. Enjoy your day. 🎅🎄⭐⛄

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  3. Merry Christmas 🎄. I made my traditional Christmas Eve dinner for my daughter and son-in-law and watched our old fav movies. This afternoon we will decorate Christmas cookies and have a festive dinner. After a go for broke monopoly game. 🙏🏼❤️🎶🥂

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