Netflix Series: Alice In Borderland

Image Courtesy of IMDb


Arisu was a stereotypical young man, who stayed in his bedroom playing video games. He was definitely not interested in working at a job like his brother. Although he was extremely intelligent, he had become the embarrassment of the family.

One fabulous day, he met up with two of his best friends to hang out at the infamous Shibuya Station. Suddenly, they were chased by the police and they hid inside a bathroom stall.

As they laughed about their ordeal, there was a commotion and the lights went out. They decided to emerge to investigate.

There was absolutely no one on the busy streets. It was eerily quiet too.

Image Courtesy of Fandom


For this gamer, the world had turned into a survival game. How scary is that! A scary story filled with friendships, loyalties, betrayal and surprises that kept me interested.

Note: This is a series for mature audiences.

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