Netflix Series: Sleepless Society (Nyctophobia)

Image Courtesy of IMDb


A successful hospital director lost her son to an asthma attack. She was extremely distraught and remorseful as she spent most of her time at work. Suddenly, a boy that looked and sounded just like her dead son appeared on her front step. He emphasized that he was her dead son, Am.

No matter what intimate the questions she asked, he knew the answer. He told her that the soul of Am had entered this body after his death. Being a doctor, she didn’t believe him. However, her estranged husband was willing to accompany her to see a medium. This medium ran a cult that believed dead souls could enter bodies to live again.

But how was it possible that this little boy knew all the little details of her dead son?

Image Courtesy of IMDb


The story seemed simple, and predictable. But, I was drawn into the detective work of her best friend and his police officer friend. There were many times that I thought I knew exactly what was happening. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t! Even though I could predict the ending to certain events, the process would surprise me.

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