Reblog Feature: Kid’s Christmas Activities (Free Printables)

Need Some Christmas activities for the kids? I know its only the beginning of December, but I feel like Christmas will be here before we know it! Are…

Kid’s Christmas Activities: Free Printables

Thank you, Okay Mommy, for putting this list together for the little ones!

Normally, before pandemic, there would be a breakfast with Santa event, where all the little ones got to have a meal and tons of crafts to do. Then there would be a photograph, along with a present.

One of my children’s ornaments they made a long time ago…

Last year, they were old enough to help hand out the food to the guests. That was definitely a lot of fun for them. I got to sit down and enjoy my cup of hot coffee. I no longer needed to run between them both helping them.

It was a nice feeling….

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