Netflix Series: Sleepless Society, Insomnia

Image Courtesy of IMDb

Aiya was a famous model, who was living with her only relative, her mother’s sister. Her mother had disappeared after her mother apparently murdered her father and her teacher when Aiya was in high school.

Aiya suffered from insomnia as she would constantly float between her reality and the dream world. Her therapist recommended her to go back to the island that she grew up on to face her past. Hopefully, this would help with her healing.

Consistently, her aunt’s suspicious actions and conversations with her director friend reinforced her intentions to go back. Her aunt was absolutely against it……


To watch a group of young people slowly mature from being self-centred to being considerate of family and society, was extremely enjoyable. There were many twists and turns, along with going in and out of dream worlds.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Note: There were quite a few scenes about domestic abuse and sexual violence. Please be aware.

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