Movie Review: Bloodshot

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

This movie was based on a comic book character named Bloodshot. Bloodshot was originally an US Marine, named Ray, who was kidnapped along with his wife by mercenaries. The leader Axe killed his wife and him when he wouldn’t comply. Or so he thought…..

Ray wakes up to find himself in a high-tech laboratory and discovered that he had amnesia. He was a successful lab subject of project, Bloodshot. This project used nanite technology injected into his bloodstream. These tiny robot-like organisms would repair any bodily damage, but needed to be recharged consistently.

With this new superpower, Ray went on a revenge killing spree. He killed everyone that was in his way. As he drifted into sleep, he thought he was successful. Until he woke up the next day……


From the poster to the trailer, I thought that it was a typical Vin Diesel muscle power movie. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually had a deeper and more sinister meaning behind the cars and people blowing up.

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